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Prostate Cancer >> Daily Tips >> Don’t let prostate cancer make you feel isolated

Don’t let prostate cancer make you feel isolated

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Although cancer of the prostate affects the health of only men it will affect more than just their own lives; it will also affect the lives of those who care for them. Often the man with prostate cancer may feel isolated and almost paralyzed with inaction. This is one reason any one who remains in close contact with the man with a prostate cancer diagnosis must step up offering help and understanding.

Since the prostate is so small (the size of a walnut) it seems as if it would not affect the body as it does. However it does not depend upon the size of a body part in regards to cancer; it depends on the size and number of abnormal cells within that body part. And in this case if these cells are rampaging multiplying cells which form into malignant tumors they have an immense potential to destroy the healthy cells tissue and organs of a man’s body.

Here it is then “if a man has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and he does not acknowledge it or is unaware of the damage it can cause he will need someone who cares for him enough to intervene. This caring individual must take the initiative in learning about the cancer and then patiently communicate this information to the man. The first step the caring person will undertake is to learn what the prostate is (a gland which is part of the man’s sexual and reproductive system) and what it does (it produces some of the fluid that makes up the semen). Also the individual will learn that vitally important functions may eventually be affected by the cancerous tumors in the prostate gland. The person will also discover that though prostate cancer is slow in its growth it still poses a threat to the loved one’s well-being.

She/he will find out too that there are four different prostate cancer stages which range from Stage I when the cancer cells are contained within the prostate gland to Stage IV when the cancer cells have spread (metastasized) through the prostate’s outer layer to nearby tissue lymph nodes and to other areas within the body such as the bladder. He or she will also research the treatments for the cancer which include: radiation therapy surgery hormone therapy or watchful waiting (the patient will be monitored closely).

The second step that the individual will take in caring for the prostate cancer patient is to seek other resources for assistance. The internet offers abundant resources and sound advice for those who desire to help the man with a prostate cancer diagnosis. For example such organizations as CancerCare ( and the American Cancer Society ( provide educational information support resources and contact numbers in which the person may use in helping her/his loved one. Realizing that these steps are just the initial beginnings of helping the cancer patient the individual will also be aware that as time passes he or she may take other steps such as attending prostate cancer support meetings.

Tip Of The Week: Of course the major responsibility of seeking treatment keeping doctor appointments etc. and adhering to medical instructions depends on the man with the prostatic cancer. However the person who cares for him can have an active role in his treatment his appointments and his adherence to medical instructions. It may be necessary to maintain the following: A calendar logged with important dates; office and cell phone numbers of any medical professionals support groups etc.; and a notebook with any possible questions or concerns in coping with the prostate cancer. Of course in taking these practical steps in assisting the man with prostate cancer the person shows just how deeply he or she cares.

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