Daily Tips

Knowing the stages will help ease the process

The man with a prostate cancer diagnosis should learn about the different stages of his disease since his cancer will be classified with one of them. In stage I (also A1 prostate cancer) cancer is only in the prostate and will not be felt during a digital rectal exam or be visible by any [...]

The older, the more likely to get Prostate Cancer

“Men only” is not a sign of the times any longer since almost every building club business university and organization etc. are open to both sexes. However besides bathroom facilities the phrase “men only” marks a very distinctive object “the prostate gland and prostate cancer is the name of the disease which only [...]

BPH and Prostatitis among other effects of Prostate Cancer

Cancer of the prostate is not the only prostate disorder that affects men; there are also two other major health problems which can develop in the prostate as well. BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia (a benign enlargement of the prostate gland) has become a definite health problem for many aging men. Additionally there [...]

Be aware – Prostate cancer can lead to anxiety and depression

When prostate cancer strikes it naturally causes emotions that bombard a man such emotions as anger denial fear anxiety and depression. These same emotions will affect his family as well. Especially affected will be the children of the man who has a prostate cancer diagnosis.
If very young children may not understand the consequences [...]

Don’t let the size of the prostate fool you

So many things can stop a man dead in his tracks but few of them are as small as a walnut. But here is the difference: although small in size the prostate gland can hold a wallop of an impact. Such a wallop that it can affect the whole body of a [...]

Don’t let prostate cancer make you feel isolated

Although cancer of the prostate affects the health of only men it will affect more than just their own lives; it will also affect the lives of those who care for them. Often the man with prostate cancer may feel isolated and almost paralyzed with inaction. This is one reason any one who [...]

Family support is key in process of prostate cancer treatment

One of the greatest shocks that may confront a man is hearing the words “You have cancer.” This diagnosis of prostate cancer can forcefully punch him with dread and fear. Actually he may be afraid of losing two things which matter to him deeply: His sexual capacity and his life. He [...]

Some tumors are malignant – Vital tests are important

Even in today’s instant transmission of news and information some people will still ask the question “What is prostate cancer?” Prostate cancer is obviously cancer of the prostate; and cancer the abnormal growth of cells. Since cancer cells have long lives the cells will produce more abnormal cells which form into tumors. [...]

Androgens are vital to your prostate health

The prostate gland is naturally influenced by male sex hormones since it is part of the male sexual and reproductive systems. The male sex organs the testes produce the hormone testosterone which belongs to the class of male hormones known as androgens (or steroids). These hormones promote the development of male sexual characteristics [...]

Talking About Your Prostate Can Save Your Life

Prostate cancer is a phrase not easily spoken by most men. It is not usually spoken in mixed company, either, since many men are still rather embarrassed to talk about it. Yet, the words do need to be spoken; they do need to be discussed. For in remaining silent, a man may [...]