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Top 5 Tips for Taking Care of your Prostate

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Prostate problems will affect nearly 90% of men in their lifetimes. Some medical experts believe that all men would contract some form of prostate problem if they were to live long enough. Prostatitus, BHP and prostate cancer are among the most common problems in men aged 50 and above. Prostate cancer is the second most common form of cancer in men and the second most deadly. Despite the dire statistics there are several non-evasive ways for men to reduce their chances of prostate problems.

Make sure you eat enough vitamin C, E, Zinc and Beta Carotene. These substances can be found in abundance in beans, tofu and walnuts. Fish is also an excellent source and in addition brings omega 3 oils. Doctors recommend a regular intake of these substances for their infection and immune building properties. Vitamin C and Omega 3 oils have also been linked with cancer prevention as well as other health benefits. You doctor should be consulted as to how much Beta Carotene and Vitamin C are recommended. 3 servings of fish per week is usually sufficient to gain an appropriate amount of omega 3 oils.

Pumpkin seeds are a favorite treat around Halloween for children. Many are surprised to hear that this salty snack that used to drive the blood pressures up can actually provide some good, natural health benefits. Pumpkin seeds are rich in Zinc. They also contain phytosterols which protect the prostate. For good prostate health doctors recommend eating 1-2 teaspoons per day. The salt content can always be cut if you’re preparing them yourself. Health food stores will sell them in salted and unsalted varieties. Pumpkin seeds taste great and can help insure good health for the future.

Eating tomatoes can reduce your chances of prostate cancer and BHP. Tomatoes get their red color from a substance called lycopene. Lycopene has proven effective in the fight against all forms of cancer and in treating BHP. Eating 2-3 tomatoes per day will give the body a sufficient supply of lycopene. Those that are not fans of fresh tomatoes can still get near the same effect from tomato based sauces. Pasta sauces, tomato soups and even ketchup will still have enough lycopene left to achieve the needed health benefits.

Most of us aware of the potential dangers that cigarettes pose to overall health. Cancer is just one of the many health afflictions that this addiction can bring. Quitting the habit even after many years as a smoker can improve health leaps and bounds. Kicking the cigarette habit also has specific benefits for the prostate. BHP symptoms start to reduce when one quits smoking. The chances of contracting cancer also drop when one puts the cigarettes away. Circulation improves as well keeping a fresh supply of blood and oxygen to the tissues and organs. This as well helps reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer.

Enjoy sexual relations. Although certain precautions should be observed it is actually healthy for the prostate and the overall health of the body to enjoy sex. Reaching orgasm released several endorphins throughout the body which bring numerous health benefits. They range from simply feeling good to reducing severe pain. In terms of prostate cancer specifically ejaculating semen has a therapeutic effect on the prostate; it provides exercise and also improves circulation. Sex is something that we all can enjoy and there is no real danger of overdosing as there is with medicine and even herbal remedies. Provided you protect yourself from other possible dangers there is no reason you shouldn’t fully enjoy sexual relations and reap the benefits.

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