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Top 10 Signs of Prostate Cancer That You May Not Even Notice

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One of the saddest facts about prostate cancer is that many men don’t realize that they have it until the cancer has spread. Prostate Cancer does spread quite rapidly but the rates of success with early detection are quite favorable. There are signs of prostate cancer that men should look out for. However some of these signs are slight and can be explained away by other factors, leading men to often ignore them.

Difficulty urinating is a sign that you may have prostate cancer. Many times men will feel the urge to urinate and nothing comes out. Other problems are a disrupted stream or difficulty in stopping the flow of urine. Having this symptom doesn’t necessarily mean you have prostate cancer but it should be looked at.

Pain while urinating is also a sign of possible prostate cancer. It can also be a sign of other more benign prostate problems such as prostatitus or BHP. Swelling of the prostate gland or tumors could be pressing on the urethra, causing the pain. The worst thing one can do is ignore this problem. Medical attention should be sought quickly.

Having to urinate frequently in the middle of the night is another sign. It is also one of the signs that goes unnoticed until after one is diagnosed.

Blood in the urine is another possible symptom. It doesn’t present itself very often but if noticed the first trip should be to a doctor. The mount of blood does not have to be great. This again does not necessarily mean one has cancer. Several urinary tract infections can cause bleeding. However it needs to be checked as soon as possible.

Difficulty in getting or maintaining an erection is another possible symptom. Tumors can disrupt the blood flow to the penis making sexual relations difficult. This can be very frustrating should it occur and is something men find very difficult to discuss. Female partners need to be supportive and encourage their male partners to seek medical attention. Again, this could be a symptom of something more benign.

Blood in the semen is also a possible symptom of prostate cancer. As with urine it doesn’t present too often and does not have to be a large amount of blood. Often times it is just enough to turn the semen a pinkish color. This is another area where the female partner can be of assistance. Again sensitivity and support are crucial.

Chronic constipation and intestinal problems can be another symptom. Severe pain in the intestinal areas that continues on despite dietary changes should be looked at by a doctor. It can be a symptom of prostate cancer as well as colon cancer.

Frequent pain in the lower back, hips and thighs can be a more worrisome sign. When prostate cancer has spread thee are the general areas is first travels. If the pain is persistent and feels like a deep dull ache then this could be cause for concern. Seek medical attention immediately.

Leaking or dribbling urine are another of the more worrisome signs. Again they are some of the more embarrassing and men find them difficult to discuss. Should you notice your partner taking longer trips in the bathroom or the smell of urine on clothing then suggesting a visit to a doctor is recommended. This could be a benign condition but better safe than sorry.

If you’re over 50. Unfortunately the risk goes up with age and men over 50 need to be checked over regularly. Men who are over 50 and have any of the above symptoms should be extra concerned.

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