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Top 10 Prostate Cancer Myths

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It seems ironic that the second most common cancers in men is one that the least is known. Prostate cancer can bring about embarrassing symptoms such as problems urinating and difficulty achieving erections which men have difficulty discussing. The results are several myths and untruths about prostate cancer.

A common myth is that prostate cancer is only found in elderly men. While it is true that older men do have a greater risk of contracting the disease men of all ages are at risk. Men from ages 70-74 present the greatest number of new prostate cancer cases. However every year the numbers increase for men in their 40’s and 50’s. Regular exams are the most effective preventative measure because prostate cancer does respond well to treatment when detected early.

Having no symptoms of prostate cancer does not necessarily mean that you don’t have it. New detection methods can detect the cancerous cells before symptoms begin to show. The opposite is also true however. Should you start showing symptom of prostate cancer it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have it. The vast majority of prostate symptoms indicate other more benign problems such as BHP or prostatitus.

another myth is that the death rates are low for prostate cancer victims. Currently there is no cure for prostate cancer but there are effective treatments. Although prostate cancer does respond well to treatment it remains the second most deadly form of cancer in men.

The PSA test is one method of testing for prostate cancer. The level of PSA present in the prostate is detected. The test is an indicator of prostate cancer but is far from fool proof. There have been incidents where men with low levels of PSA have developed prostate cancer. A prostate biopsy is the only 100 percent accurate test for prostate cancer.

Just as low levels of PSA don’t necessarily mean that you are free and clear of prostate cancer, a high PSA count doesn’t automatically mean that you have it. High PSA levels can be indicative of BHP and prostatitus. In fact 3 out of 4 cases of high PSA are usually attributed to something other than prostate cancer.

Some believe that vasectomies increase a man’s chances of contracting prostate cancer. There is currently no medical evidence to support this theory.

There are those that believe prostate cancer can be spread from one person to another. Cancer is not contagious and prostate cancer only occurs in men. There is evidence to support a family connection to the disease. Men who have a history of it in their families are urged to have regular check ups and tests.

Some fear prostate cancer treatments believing they bring about incontinence and impotence. These are possible side effects but they do not always occur. Prostate cancer treatments have improved greatly over the years with some actually improving sexual performance.

The PSA test can be effective in detecting prostate cancer but unfortunately some men develop a false sense of security when there results are favorable. Some men will not have further testing which is dangerous. Follow your doctor’s instructions and have further testing if it is recommended.

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