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Young Men Fighting Prostate Cancer

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Sometimes when anyone thinks about fighting prostate cancer they have an image of an older man, but that is not always the case. The truth is that the risk of prostate cancer increases with age, but it begins much earlier in life. The difference is that it can rear its ugly head at any age and this is one of the most important pieces of information all young men need to be aware. You probably thought that unless prostate cancer runs in your family there is nothing to worry about, right. This is an old myth with no foundation in logic or medical science.

Younger men just do not give prostate cancer a thought and yet should. Statistically one of every six young men between the ages of thirty and fifty will receive a diagnosis of prostate cancer. Were you aware that even when the symptoms of prostate cancer begin to show very early on the five-year survival rate stands at about ninety-eight percent? Do you also realize that means that two percent of young men receiving a diagnosis of prostate cancer will not survive?

Clinical, biological, and pathological features of prostate cancer in younger men like you vary from older men. If you receive a diagnosis of prostate cancer before reaching age forty this is an indication of a more serious condition. In younger men there is another difficulty because the prostate tissue is generally dense and will have a hardening or an increase in size.

Medical physicians will then perform two main examinations. The first is a digital rectal exam (DRE) to determine the increase in the size of the prostate. The second is a PSA blood test. This test will show the increase level of the prostate specific antigen. The normal blood count is between four and six. When the blood count is anything higher than a measurement of six the determination is that prostate cancer is present and further treatment is necessary

However, what you do have in your favor is the fact that younger men generally respond better. Younger men having gone through this ordeal do understand what is at stake for them. May of these young men had treatment therapy and now faces other less threatening problems. Older men who already have a family will fare much better by accepting this than young men who have remained single. Time, weekly counseling, and joining with other survivors will help to change these inadequacies you are now feeling.

Exposure to necessary treatment therapy has caused many changes and the perception of your self. How you believe those around you see you will affect your outcome of success or failure. Sure things have changed for you, but inside you are still the same person and you need to feel proud of surviving such an ordeal. You need to focus on the fact that you survived. You survived for yourself and for all your family and friends who surround you.

Why are you looking at this entire issue as you did something wrong? The reality is the exact opposite, as you will soon come to realize. Be proud of all you have accomplished and the ordeal you have just survived. There are many other men who were not as fortunate as you have been.

Maybe it is a good idea to seek out counseling to help you through this ordeal the rest of the way. You really need to understand how brave you really are and how many of your family members and friends are routing for you. There are many other men out there who are looking up to you because you are a survivor. In time and through counseling you will soon come to realize how much you have contributed.

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