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Treatment Side Effects of Prostate Cancer

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Chemotherapy treatment and the months of constant care are very costly. This is one way to help bring down the cost and help thousands of men who had no chance of getting any assistance. Many of the men helped over the years are now playing a very active role to continue with a trend of teaching and educating others.. This entire concept has grown so large that there are now various men’s groups all around the world.

Treatments, surgeries, and all medications through the various ordeals can leave you with a few side effects, though most men fair well. A few of the more pronounced side effects are the following.

Cancer treatment lasting pain

Bone pain because the cancer can spread

Urinary dysfunction caused by radiation therapy

Bowel dysfunction usually following external beam radiotherapy

Erectile dysfunction

Surgery pain after affects is controllable with medication that will ease the pain or at least get the edge off. Make sure you notify your medical physician right away. The medical physician will prescribe a mild painkiller and gradually have you take less and less until your body heals and you no longer need any pain medication. The idea is to allow your body to heal from the ordeal.

Surgical procedures you are experiencing may cause you to run the risk of complications setting in and this will need the attention of your medical physician immediately. Most often it is organ dysfunction that will set in and this will put you at risk for extreme pain and infections. Radiation therapy that you will most likely be exposed to will include nausea and eating problems, mouth sores, fatigue and probably the loss of hair. To what extent you will lose your hair will depend upon how much radiation and the veracity of the radiation you are exposed.

Exposure to chemotherapy has caused many changes such as the loss of hair, the perception of yourself, and how you believe those around you see you now. Sure things have changed for you, but inside you are still the same person and you need to feel proud of surviving such an ordeal. Okay, yes, you lost most if not all of your hair, but it will grow back. You need to focus on the fact that you survived. You survived for yourself and for all your family and friends who surround you.

Chemotherapy drugs such as anthracyclines are very common and they do have major side effects. Though most men will fare well with treatments including this particular drug, it can cause cardiac toxicity in some patients. To attempt to prevent cardiac toxicity your medical physician will monitor your heart and watch for signs of cardiac damage because of the medication.

Prostate cancer’s natural trend is to spread to the bones, as it is the most vulnerable path. This is controllable when diagnosed early, but when it is not there are other measures the medical physician will research. The problem is that even with hormone therapy the bones are prone to fractures. One of the ways the medical physician will retard the bone fractures and the possibility of osteoporosis caused by testosterone suppression is with biophosphates and more recently Zometa. Fosamax’s medication and Actonel’s medication is also a prescription your medical physician can write for you along with extra intake of calcium and vitamin D.

Of course the best information any medical physician can receive is direct from the patient and that means you. When you notice subtle changes or other difficulties it is up to you to inform your medical physician the next time you visit. This will benefit you as much as it benefits the medical physician.

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