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Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer

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We all know that cancer progresses in various stages and the earlier it is caught the better the chances are that it will be beaten.

This applies just as much to prostate cancer as it does to other types of cancer. And similarly it pays to know what the symptoms of prostate cancer are, so that if you spot any you will know that a visit to the doctor is a good idea.

So what should you be looking for when it comes to spotting the symptoms of prostate cancer?

It pays to know where the prostate is first of all, as this will help you to understand why certain symptoms can arise. Whenever you pass urine, it has to travel through the urethra. A small section of this has to go through the prostate. If there is any kind of growth in the prostate then, you will find that it is more difficult to pass urine as you normally would.

So from this we can draw a normal conclusion – if you have any problems at all with going to the toilet to pass urine, it is well worth consulting your doctor. These problems could manifest themselves in several ways however, so make sure you are familiar with all of them.

The first type of problem is having to go to the toilet much more than usual. If you spot this pattern developing then do get it checked out. You might also experience more of a rush to get to the toilet. Normally you would have the sensation that you need to go, and you would go before it gets to be urgent. But sometimes if you have a problem with your prostate the gap between realizing you need to go and actually having to is greatly reduced. So watch out for this as well.

A third common symptom which can indicate the very beginnings of prostate cancer (as well as other problems which are more benign) is the need to pass urine more often during the night. We all get up every now and again, but if this turns into a habit and you need to do it more than once each night, make sure you have it checked out.

The final most common symptom is finding it difficult to start urinating in the first place. This can be understood if you think of a tumor gradually getting larger within the prostate itself. When this happens the urethra is made smaller, and urine cannot pass through it as easily.

It should be remembered however that while these symptoms can indeed be indicative of prostate cancer, they can also point to other things which are much less serious. And this type of cancer in its early stages can be treated with huge success anyway – the key is in getting it found and treated early.

But while these are the most common symptoms which could point to a problem, there are other symptoms you may find as well. One example is seeing blood in your urine, although once again this may be something quite innocent such as a bad infection. The point is that you should always let your doctor find the cause, and not assume anything yourself – good or bad.

As you can see it is very important to be alert for any signs that there could be a problem. Some people are embarrassed to see their doctor when it comes to this type of problem, but remember that they have seen and treated thousands of people, and they can help you too. So be sure you visit them whenever you need to.

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