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Prostate cancer is a cancer that only men can get, since it involves the prostate gland. It is more typically found in older men and it is more common as you go beyond the age of your mid-forties.

It pays to be alert to the potential signs of a problem with the prostate, since you can get medical advice for any such problems to make sure they are dealt with at an early stage. This type of cancer is typically a slower one to manifest itself; it is very commonly a long time before it causes any problems or symptoms at all. Indeed in many cases the first line of defense for a slow growing and contained instance of prostate cancer is simply to watch and wait.

This might seem a rather unusual way of treating and coping with a form of cancer. But in many cases if it is caught early it poses no problems or symptoms at all. This is the case if it is found during a routine examination, before any actual symptoms appear.

It is believed now that unless the prostate cancer is causing a direct problem or growing at a faster pace, there should be no treatment at all. It could take a decade or more before the cancer gets to the stage where it needs to be dealt with, and the general consensus is that the patient need not be subjected to treatment if it is not needed. Some treatments have consequences and they should only be given if they are going to be truly worthwhile.

But the fact that many instances of prostate cancer are slow to develop does not mean that any potential signs of the cancer should be ignored. If there is any pain or problem in passing urine at any point – whether it is more than usual, less than usual or more during the night – then it is worth consulting your doctor to see what the cause could be.

Cancer can vary quite a lot when it comes to symptoms though, so if you have any concerns at all you should see your doctor. If they decide that you should have some tests, one of the first things that will be done is a blood test. This will find out how much of a specific protein you have in your blood stream. The prostate produces this protein on its own, and if the levels are raised it could point to a possible problem.

There are other tests which may be done too if your doctor deems it necessary. These may include a prostate exam and perhaps a biopsy too if warranted. It is sometimes the case though that so called abnormal results’ can occur even if there is no cancer present, so it is important to remember this and keep some perspective in the matter where possible.

The most important thing to remember overall though is that your doctor is there to listen to any concerns you may have. If prostate cancer runs in your family you may wish to raise these concerns and discuss them with your doctor. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to them, see another doctor. Remember that this is your health, and while most symptoms point to something altogether more benign, you are always entitled to the best possible care, whatever the diagnosis may be.

For most people the word cancer’ is frightening in itself. But since the majority of instances of prostate cancer are slow growing, even if it is diagnosed you have a fighting chance of beating it and living for the long term.

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