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Exercising with Prostate Cancer

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Exercise for anyone is a beneficial but men who have a diagnosis of prostate cancer it can become a life long journey. When you are starting out standing in front of a brick wall there is only one thing to do. You must pick yourself up, climb over that wall, and not allow it to be your obstacle. No matter what is going on in your life, just remember it is your life.

Now, how about trying your hand on some exercise? Mild exercise is a good thing and sometimes it will even change the way you perceive things. A positive outlook on life even though you are facing months of therapy because of prostate cancer is still no reason not to get yourself up and out. Even a few hours of devoted time to walking will help to increase your attitude and your stamina. Make it easy for yourself and you can take a walk on the beach or a nice stroll in a local park. The idea is to get out there and start walking to help keep your muscles tone.

Tried walking, is walking is not for you, try something else instead. Do you enjoy hiking down dirt trails or high up into the mountains? Well strap on those mountain boots and get going. There are other forms of exercise you can try your hand at like bicycle riding, swimming, or even a slow jog. The whole idea is to get yourself out there and start rebuilding your body. You might even surprise yourself and rebuild your self-esteem too.

You see, men who exercise to the equivalent of walking for at least one hour a week for a round trip of two to three miles increased the stamina, rebuilt up the muscles and outlook on life and had a lower risk of dying from prostate cancer. Exercise helps all men suffering from prostate cancer both physically and psychologically because just the mere fact that you are getting yourself outside to accomplish a task is taking the right direction.

However, after a long-term study performed over a ten year period the medical community found that a percentage of the men who participated in a controlled exercise program for up to five hours a week remained alive compared to other men who participated in little to no exercise. Just keep in mind there are psychological factors involved with this. What was found interesting was the fact that men who exercised, built up the self-esteem and muscle tone within their bodies.

Men realize how much is at stake. Every small step you take is a step in a positive direction. You are the shining light for all other men who follow behind in your footsteps. Just as you walk in the footsteps of other men who walked this same path before you and pioneered the way to unity. It is precisely because of all the men who came before you that chose not to remain silent. Now it is your turn to hold your head high and speak out for the countless men that will be right behind you.

Prostate cancer today is so much more survivable than it ever was. Perhaps one day this horrible, debilitating malady will finally be put to rest and on a list of other past diseases that are gone because of medical science. However, it the meantime, you must persevere and continue the march forward into all of the tomorrows. Understand that this is no easy feat to accomplish, but all men everywhere must stand tall together and continue to bring attention to this taker of lives. Keeping in mind that although men are afflicted, there is a population of men who receive the diagnosis and have no avenue to turn.

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