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Emotions in Dealing with Prostate Cancer

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Emotional stress going through your mind during your time in treatment for prostate cancer is weighing very heavily on you. What you probably remember well are all the up and down days as some treatments worked for you and some treatments did not work for you. You have traveled such a long and difficult road, but the outcome is a positive one and your rewards are there in front of you for the taking. You are relieved after all this time to feel rewarded with a clean bill of health, but the entire ordeal you had to endure will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Emotions do take their toll, yet at the same time you are also feeling very depressed and maybe even a little awkward. Are you nervous to be around your family and friends? Are you feeling self-conscious because of all that you went through? Are you feeling depressed because your body is feeling different now from what it once was? Do you find you are keeping yourself at a distance to avoid the closeness you once shared with your family? Sounds like you are in need of a little TLC to help you rebuild your self-esteem.

Do you even realize you are not alone? There are many support groups out there just waiting for you to join in. When you get together with other men who have been through the same experience you will begin to realize this. You can live a normal quality life now that you have received a clean bill of health. You will soon come to realize this yourself, but it will take some time. There are a few problems that you have had to face and now you are questioning yourself.

Younger men under the age of fifty having gone through this ordeal and do understand what is at stake for them. Many of these young men had medical treatments and surgery and now face other difficulties. Men who already have a family will fare much better by accepting this than younger men who have remained single. Time, weekly counseling, and joining with other survivors will help to change these inadequacies you are now feeling.

Exposure and harsh medication has caused many changes such as some loss of hair, the perception of yourself, and how you believe those around you see you now. Sure things have changed for you, but inside you are still the same person and you need to feel proud of surviving such an ordeal. Okay, yes, you lost most of your hair, but it will grow back. You need to focus on the fact that you survived. You survived for yourself and for all your family and friends who surround you.

Have you considered doing what makes you feel more comfortable. What about those old shirts and sweatshirts you have started wearing, are you that self-conscious about your appearance? You are looking at this entire issue as if you did something wrong. The reality is the exact opposite, as you will soon come to realize. Be proud of all you have accomplished and the ordeal you have just survived. There are many other men who were not as fortunate as you have been.

Maybe it is a good idea to seek out counseling to help you through this ordeal the rest of the way. You really need to understand how brave you really are and how many of your family members and friends are routing for you. There are many other men out there who are looking up to you because you are a survivor. In time and through counseling you will soon come to realize how much you have contributed.

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