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Coming to Terms with Prostate Cancer

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Men realize how much is at stake. Every small step you take is a step in a positive direction. You are the beacon for all the men who follow behind in your footsteps. Just as you walk in the footsteps of other men who walked this same path before you and pioneered the way to unity. It is precisely because of all the men who came before you that chose not to remain silent. Now it is your turn to hold your head high and speak out for the countless men that will be right behind you.

Prostate cancer today is so much more survivable today than it ever was. Perhaps one day this horrible, debilitating malady will finally be put to rest and on a list of other past diseases that are gone because of medical science. However, it the meantime, you must persevere and continue the march forward into all of the tomorrows. Understand that this is no easy feat to accomplish, but all men everywhere must stand tall together and continue to bring attention to this taker of lives.

Remembering too that although older men are the ones to predominantly be afflicted, there is a population of younger men who receive a diagnosis of prostate cancer too. What you probably remember well are all the up and down days as some treatments worked for you and some treatments did not work for you. You have traveled such a long and difficult road, but the outcome is a positive one and your rewards are there in front of you for the taking.

You are relieved after all this time to feel rewarded with a clean bill of health, but the entire ordeal you had to endure will stay with you for the rest of your life. Emotions do take their toll, yet at the same time you are also feeling very depressed and maybe even a little awkward. Are you nervous to be around your family and friends? Are you feeling self-conscious because of all that you went through?

Are you beginning to feel depressed because your body is different now from what it once was? Do you find you are keeping yourself at a distance to avoid the closeness you once shared with your family? Sounds like you are in need of a little tender loving care to help you rebuild your self-esteem and to reclaim your life.

Talking with your wife during dinner is very supportive and what you must accomplish. She will be at your side the entire way. Perhaps the two of you can have a discussion with the medical physician to find out what the options are. Will this be possible for you since you are only beginning? If chemotherapy is not mandatory in your case you may have other options open to you, but first you must think about staying strong. This is going to be a very long and painful road to travel and you will need all of your strength together with your wife to get through this.

Right now you are enduring plenty. At the moment you might want to talk with your wife before beginning any treatment. Is it possible incase all does not go well the two of you would consider adoption once you survive this battle with prostate cancer? Sadly, your fertility or lack of fertility will depend on the type and duration of the chemotherapy your medical physician prescribes. Statistically, most men over the age of fifty will experience erectile dysfunction, but this will also depend upon the drugs the medical physician is prescribing.

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