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Changing with Prostate Cancer

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Do you remember how you craved for that barbequed steak surrounded with fried shrimp, a baked potato, and a tossed salad on the side. Yet now you sit in the restaurant, stare at all the foods you once enjoyed and you are unable to push the dish away fast enough? When you take the time to think about it for a minute, it is not the food that you once loved so much that you are turning away. In a sense it is the food that no longer is in agreement with your internal system at the present.

Sitting in the restaurant with your family and continue to just pick at the food and share in the smiles and laughter, but you just are unable to eat. All of a sudden the food does not look appealing, nor does it taste appealing. Your family notices your behavior has changed, but they do not want to upset you because this was to be a celebration of life in your honor.

Truth is food you once considered a treat and always looked forward to be no more. You are seeing the same world through a new perspective and you and not sure how to handle this. You received a diagnosis of prostate cancer some weeks ago and have just begun going through the ordeal. Foods that you once liked all taste different now with a bitter and tasteless taste. What you did not realize is that the strong medications that are utilized to aggressively fight off prostate cancer is wreaking havoc inside your body.

Time will take its toll and then will run its course. When it is over, your taste buds will return to the way they were. All of this you are going through is only temporary so just be a little patient. In this respect it is almost like having ulcers and foods, or your perception of the foods change for a time. Foods you once found distasteful all of a sudden you begin to enjoy. Then there are all those special cravings that come up every once in a while. With so much activity going on within your body it is no wonder that you would view foods differently.

Maybe this is a good time to take advantage and begin choosing better, healthier foods to eat that are more appealing to your taste buds. Your family will come to understand and they might even join you and eat the new foods that you are interested in to keep the solidarity within the family unit solid. A show of support for you and all that you are experiencing. Instead of the fast food restaurant where you stop by a window to place an order, it is time to begin fixing wholesome foods at home. Preparing the supper meal can be a shared experience with the entire family.

Eat wiser and healthier is better for you and is better for your entire family unit. Reintroduce foods like eggs, fish, beans, nuts, and seeds into the family meal planning. Instead of cake, ice cream, cookies, and pastries for dessert, why not put out a bowl of assorted fresh fruit. This just might be a big hit and encourage the entire family to eat healthier. Remember, you must keep your body strong to fight this horrendously deadly disease.

Small baskets of assorted nuts and sliced cheese are another good idea to place on the dinner table. Your family will stand behind you and support you in all that you try to do, so why not try it? Instead of dishes of candies placed strategically around the kitchen, why not have dishes of whole grain crackers, fresh fruit, and dried cereal. This is both nourishing and very delicious.

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